Deep Pressure, Vest Torso Wrap

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Our deep pressure torso wrap applies compression and deep pressure to the wearer, offering proprioceptive feedback to the body and shoulders. The wrap should be fitted so that it is tight but comfortable for the wearer. Some people report likeing the wrap up across the chest, crossing the breast; while other report liking to wear it below the rib cage -  preference varies to each person and can each day can be different. Shoulder straps should be placed over each should for a "grounding" effect, starps that are pulling the wrap up can be counter productive.

Wear over a t-shirt unless direct skin contact is preferred.

Anxiety and distress can be reduced by lowering the heart rate, calming breathing, in turn promoting a feeling of security.
Some people on the Autism Spectrum enjoy tight clothing or wrapping themselves up in sheets or a gym mat to give them the pressure they crave - the compression vest works on the same principle and benefits those with tactile and proprioceptive sensory needs on the go!

Wash by hand or on gentle in cold water, with mild detergent. Allow to dry naturally with no heat.

Compression vests in general should be worn no longer than 20-25 minutes each time.
Measurements :
SMALL -  bodywrap 65cm x 20cm, shoulder straps 40cm (ages 6-7 approx)
MEDIUM - bodywrap 85cm x 20cm, shoulder straps 50cm (ages 7 -14 approx)
LARGE - bodywrap 105cm x 25cm, shoulder straps 55cm (older children, teens and adults)

Compression of any form should be upon the direction and advise of a doctor, therapist, or consultant. Discontinue use at the first sign of discomfort - gradual acceptance of the wrap is necessary.

This is a personal use item and not returnable.