Baby Sensory Balls

Our Ref #: 3ebsb



These balls and blocks are perfect for babies and users who have sensory needs.  Their textures make them fun to play with and they are small enough and soft enough that they are safe to have in a classroom without having to worry about them being thrown. They can be a good “fidget” for students or a calm down toy, acting as an ideal sensory output tool. These textured balls are perfect for preschool kids to keep their hands busy and their attention focused on classroom activities.  For younger infants and toddlers or adults who need to "Grip to think", they are just plain fun to play with!

Brightly coloured tactile balls bring soothing relief to little gums at every teething phase (infancy – 33 months) and also invite babies to grasp them, roll them and crawl after them. They are not resistive like the Chew Line and best for "gumming" and non aggressive oral function needs.