Projector Wheels - Liquid Effect

Our Ref #: 9NLQW

Options to choose from:

This stimulating 6" effect wheel is a little more expensive because it is glass with multi layers of free flowing oils captured inside. The layered liquids drift over one another continuously creating ever-changing, free-form images, like clouds in a summer sky. Exceptional for visual stimulation, focus, and to promote or stimulate speech, colour and shape recognition. Can be utilized for conversation and reminiscence or memory exchanges in any multi sensory environment. Once warmed up, these liquid flowing effect wheels produce an effect similar to a lava lamp - ever changing and constantly morphing.

Cosmic Flare: Multiple Colours - Immerse yourself in the warm comfort of Celebration, where red-hot and molten orange flows like lava.  Imagine a warm glow as you allow these strong colours of the summer sun to radiate your room and ease your mind.  This bright flame incorporates floating yellows, greens and blue hot orbs.

Northern Lights: Find yourself exploring the farthest reaches of your imagination in a Northern galaxy of neon worlds that collide into explosive nebulas of energy, colour and creativity.  Pinks, purples and greens are seized in an endless sea of blue.  This all comes together in a timeless and ever-expanding feeling of Northern Lights.

Ocean Adventure: Float with a sense of total calm, restfulness and serenity as you are gently carried away with the soothing colours of Ocean Adventure Shades of crystal blue, cyan and aquamarine slowly rise and fall like the tide capturing the sensations of drifting through tranquil open waters.  This is a perfect way to start exploring your own underwater themed sensory escape.

Lilacs & Posies: Prepare to increase your creativity and be inspired by the bold and vivid depth of Lilacs & Posies.  Passionate pinks stir up a playful cocktail with violets and blues, delivering a taste of imagination and confidence. The thought-provoking Lilacs & Posies will help to activate your mind across a range of stimulating environments.

Night Fall: Open your mind, strengthen your spirit and harness the power of the sky with the calmness of Cool Blue Moon. Incorporating vivid blues, deep purples and cyan, this wheel adds an element of atmosphere to any room as its immersive colours swirl together.  With blue being the world’s favourite colour, along with its long association in ensuring a good night’s sleep and reducing blood pressure, you’ll find yourself exploring this wheel on a regular basis. We are told that this blue wheel is a great way to bring harmony and presence into a room.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 6" Diameter