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P's & Q's are fun new exercisers for practicing biting and chewing skills and are solid rather than tubular so they offer a firm surface for biting. Offer a safe, non-toxic durable surface for biting and chewing activities. They are latex-free and do not contain PVC or phthalates. Encourage early mouthing experiences that support the transition from midline tongue exploration to lateral jaw movement. This transition facilitates the maturity of the masseter muscle needed for speech development, and biting and chewing skills. The bitable stem of the P reaches back into the molar region sending appropriate proprioceptive input. Babies enjoy the Q extension for tongue exploration. For larger jaws, the larger Q offers a firm bilateral surface for jaw closure activities. Available in either smooth or knobby. ** Caution: This product is not a toy. Although these chew tools are made out of sturdy, medical grade materials, they are not indestructible. Some individuals (particularly those with heavy oral needs and aggressive biting/chewing) may be able to damage the tools. Please supervise at all times and replace if necessary when the item shows signs of wear and tear.

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2 Reviews

Simona S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 20/12/18
Didn’t feel it was good value for money.
Louisa S.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 18/09/17
So pleased with these. They are so tough, and are really helping my special needs child.