Octa Play 16 Arm

Our Ref #: 8OCTAL


The OctaBand provides resistance and encourages motor skills. Each leg is looped for easy grabbing and holding on making it great for all ages.
The stretchy material, bright colours, and innovative design stimulate self-expression, spontaneity, and awareness of others.
The center circle provides a strong visual focus.

16 Leg Octaband
extends to 118"
for use by 4 to 16 people
weighs 1 lb, 8 oz
80% nylon and 20% spandex
machine wash cold, line dry
Benefits of The Octaband?:
Can be used by people of all ages and abilities
Increases self-expression
Builds awareness of others
Encourages cooperation
Magnifies recognition of one's?effect on others
Promotes group cohesion
Provides focus for attention
Heightens spontaneity
Enhances liveliness
Invites a playful environment
Reinforces resilience
Stimulates imagination
Increases alertness
Furthers individuality and creativity