Cloud Chair with Vibration

Our Ref #: 9STCH



This chair is made from high-density foam and an easy to clean vinyl cover.  It comfortably provides a safeseating with firm support; favoured by therapists for its shape and easy-to-use vibration option. The vibration is located in the seat bottom and is produced from a hidden pillow insert that operates when pressure is applied. Battery Powered.

Suggested for users under 6ft and 200lbs.


Custom item - please allow 3-4 months for delivery

Also available is the Somacoustic Cloud Chair, which is used as part of our Sound Therapy line of products. These products provide sensory stimulation at a cellular level - these are music therapy treatments methods based on the combined effects of music and low frequency sound vibrations.

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: Dimensions : L: 85 cm - W: 73 cm - H: 75 cm - Depth of the seat 45 cm