Light Table, Number Construction - Number Construction

Our Ref #: 7LRNC



Develop skills on how to form numbers with this fun set of brightly coloured number construction tools, a great educational resource for classroom learning.

Snap together the colour-coded pieces to build numbers to help understand the formation of different numbers. Challenge your fine motor and spatial recognition skills while clicking your way through the numbers, to help incorporate sensory skills into classroom activities. 

This set of educational sensory toys includes Activity or Method Cards with step-by-step directions and picture images of what parts to find and how to assemble the number image. Pair with a light table to use this number construction kit as a visual sensory tool.

These learning resources have a number of key teaching points: Hands-on practice hones fine motor skills needed for writing Introduces number formation and recognition in a hands-on, tangible manner. Children can build numbers at the same time in close proximity. Especially good for children who have autism spectrum disorders – it enables them to play close to others without forcing interaction. Diagnosis applications:  ADD & ADHD, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Brain Injury Speech.