Knobby Super Chew - Knobby Red Chew

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The Super Sensory Chew is a delightful oral motor tool designed to provide positive oral stimulation for practicing biting and chewing skills. The bitable stem of the red Super Chew offers a knobby textured surface.

Our chewbuddys are made with medical grade material that contains NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA or latex. Product contains no flavour or scent.

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** Caution: This product is not a toy. Although these chew tools are made out of sturdy, medical grade materials, they are not indestructible. Some individuals (particularly those with heavy oral needs and aggressive biting/chewing) may be able to damage the chewbuddy tools. Please supervise at all times and replace if necessary when the item shows signs of wear and tear.

Personal use item

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Walter L.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 05/06/21
My daughter has been using the supper chew for years now. If not for them she probable wouldn’t have any teeth left because of her grinding!!! I will be purchasing more of them in the future for she goes through one in about three to four weeks... Sincerely: Walt Lajoie