Hands On Magic Circle - Circle

Our Ref #: 9GSMC



Your Sensory Room will benefit from this tactile, visual interactive cause-effect wall panel. Your warm hands hold the magic to change the "picture" on the black surface - your image holds for a few moments and then fades - ready for the next warm touch. These wall circles are a mess-free finger painting activity!

A soothing blue coloured frame surrounds the heat-sensitive surface. The warmth of a hand makes the film change colours and the image briefly remains. A sensory room encourages people to be naturally curious about the world around them and these panels make for hours of experimenting, learning, and fun.

This sensitive panel reacts to the touch of your hands, making it a mess free finger painting activity. Circle panel shaped.

 Mounting hardware included.

 For best performance, the ideal room temperature for the play panel is between 68 and 73 degrees.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 20" circle