Genie Infinity Bubble Wall

Our Ref #: 9BN150G



Genie Infinity Bubble Walls are crafted from durable materials for long-term use; the high-quality bubble walls serve as a central element in your sensory spaces. With its multi-colored glowing, sequential air flow patterns and infinite visual surface, it provides a visually stimulating and grounding experience.

Audio and Vibration Integration:
  • Integrated sound and vibration systems enhance the sensory experience. The subtle hums, soothing tones, and gentle vibrations add a layer of depth, engaging not only the visual but also the auditory and tactile senses for a more comprehensive experience.

Interactive Controllers:
  • Incorporate wireless and user-friendly controllers in addition to the Genie App to enable individuals to customize their sensory experience. These controllers can adjust the speed of bubbles, change colour patterns, while controlling audio and vibration settings, providing a personalized and adaptable environment.

Compatibility with iluMSE Elements:
  • The iluMSE sensory environment can be expanded with additional elements such as fiber optic lights, interactive bubble and hurricane tubes, and textured flooring. These elements work together seamlessly, creating a holistic and immersive experience that align with therapeutic and social goals.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 150cm tall x 70cm wide