Kore Wobble Chairs

Our Ref #: 3MMKS

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The chair's constant "wobble" engages muscles and provides an opportunity to release excess energy, enhancing focus and productivity. Award winning chair improves balance and allows students' backs, knees, and hips to rest comfortably. Molded plastic is lightweight yet very durable and stands up to institutional use. Antimicrobial material prevents the spread of germs. Choose from Kids, Jr, or Teen sizes to accommodate all ages and sizes.
The innovative stool allows one’s knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions.

Easy assembly.
Please contact us if you require a specific colour choice for individual orders, otherwise colour shipped will be what is currently available.  Please allow 4 -5 weeks for delivery.

Kids: 14"H, Jr: 16"H, Teen: 19"H. All include a 14" dia base, 11" dia seat, and weigh 4 lb. Each chair supports up to 250 lb. or 125 kg