Happy Face Gel Stress Ball

Our Ref #: 3HFGB



Introducing the Happy Face Gel Stress Ball, your go-to solution for relieving tension and enhancing tactile stimulation. Crafted to improve dexterity and grip strength, this cheerful yellow stress ball is not only squishy but also provides a satisfying sensory experience.
Squeeze it, stretch it, and watch it return to its original shape effortlessly! 

With a diameter of 5cm, this stress ball fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for comfortable manipulation and stress relief.

To ensure stability after use, it features a slightly weighted stabilizing piece on the bottom (about the size of your thumb). While this delightful ball doesn't bounce, its resilience and pliability make it an ideal tool for stress relief and sensory exploration.

Made from natural rubber and filled with corn syrup (glucose, maltose, dextrin), it's both safe and environmentally friendly. 

Embrace the power of tactile relaxation with the Happy Face Gel Stress Ball and bid farewell to stress and tension.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 2"