Vestibular Therapy, Deep Boat Ball Pool

Our Ref #: 8EMFC



Preferred for high needs, severe physical or neurological diagnosis where a lot of postural support is needed. Enable swinging while safely enclosed. Made of reinforced nylon material that conforms to the users body shape, the ends of the swings are padded and pull ropes enable the user to move the swing independently. Recline Adjustable.

A fun way of doing Sensory Exercises and an essential part of any Sensory Diet prescribed by an Occupational Therapist. Ball pits are great places for children to have fun, learn to relax and are well known for their therapeutic effects when added to a special needs multi-sensory environment. Ball pits have been awakening people who are developmentally delayed, neurologically involved or living with birth disorders such as autism. The brightly colored balls inside a ball pit create a multi-colored world of fun and entice people of all ages into the therapy environment. The balls massage the entire body, provide light support, deep-pressure sensation and encourage relaxation. The visual, auditory and tactile sensory stimuli and the proprioceptive feedback build confidence and strengthen sensory motor skills.

Weight Limit: 200 lb.

  • Dimensions: 125 x 50 x 160cm
  • weight:  90kg max