Bubble Machine


Bubbles slowly rising and falling are incredibly soothing and relaxing. Adults and children fixate on the simplicity of soothing bubbles. Add some gentle background music for a layered sensory room effect. This colourful battery-operated machine produces some of the best consistent bubbles we have seen.

9BBMA is the Switch Operated or Adapted Bubble Machine and operates as long as your switch is activated. A very rewarding reward!

Simply fill up and switch on your Bubble Machine to fill the room with fabulous bubbles. Battery operated to make it very portable-  you can create a beautifully bubbly atmosphere virtually anywhere!

Unadapted - does not require a switch to operate.

Pro Tip: If there are too many bubbles - simply remove one or two wands! But you cannot go back so make sure you absolutely want fewer bubbles for the life of your machine before you remove any wands.

21.5cm long 

4 x AA batteries are needed (not included)


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Additional Information

  • Power: battery