Colour Mixing Glasses

Our Ref #: 6CLMX



Encourage creativity and the development of visual perception skills with these fun colour mixing glasses. The experimental ability of this creative tool allows you to mix and match up to two lenses on both sides of the glasses, allowing you to see different colours and learn about how different colours can have an impact on the colour that you see.

These glasses can be a great educational resource, allowing you to visualise how different colours interact with each other, putting taught skills into practise. By mixing the primary colours, provided in this kit, you can create secondary colours, teaching the difference between these two definitions of colours.

This fun visual sensory toy has the option of 8 lenses, 2x red, yellow, blue and distortion lenses. Either experiment on your own or use the colour mixing guide to create colourful combinations.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 16 cm