Chu Buddy Zilla Neck Chewy


HELPS WITH FOCUS AND SELF REGULATION- Kids With Autism, ADHD, Sensory, Oral Motor, Biting, Teething and Other Special Needs Can Self Regulate And Calm Themselves Using This Chewy Which Is Always On And Available. Zilla Chews Provide A Better And More Suitable Alternative To Chewing Undesired Items Like Fingers, Clothing, Pencils And Other Items FOR STRONG, MEDIUM AND LIGHT CHEWERS! Before Zilla, Strong Chewers had to chew on very hard, non-responsive chews. Now Strong Chewers have a choice! They can chew Zillas. But because Zillas are SOFT, they can really be for any type of chewer at any age! Zilla is the king of chews. DISHWASHER SAFE- You Can Keep Your chubuddy Chew Clean By Placing It On The Top Rack Of Your Dishwasher

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