Bouncy Band for Desk

Our Ref #: 3BBDK



Introducing Bouncy Bands for Desks, the innovative solution to help students feel more relaxed and focused while they work. Designed to fit desks with front legs between 20-28" wide, these bands provide a discreet outlet for movement, allowing students to quietly bounce their feet, stretch their legs, or simply rest their feet.

By encouraging subtle movements, Bouncy Bands help students release excess energy, anxiety, and boredom, promoting a more focused and productive learning environment. A study conducted by Clemson University found that students using Bouncy Bands stayed on task 10% longer, demonstrating their effectiveness in improving concentration.

With increased focus comes academic success. By providing an outlet for movement, Bouncy Bands contribute to higher grades and better behavior in the classroom.

Installation is a breeze - no tools are required. Simply attach the bands to desk legs measuring 1-1.25" in diameter using the loops provided on both ends.

Each set comes with 2 pipe supports and one band, ensuring easy setup and compatibility with a variety of desk configurations. 
Experience the difference Bouncy Bands can make in your classroom today, and discover the power of movement to motivate the mind.