Perfect Petzzz Sleeping Alaskan Husky Puppy Dog



 Perfect Petzzz Realistic Breathing Alaskan Husky Lifelike Husky Puppy Dog with Blue Tote for Plush Breathing Pet
  • GREAT VALUE: Set Includes: Alaskan Husky Dog, Luxurious pet bed, Adoption Certificate, Grooming brush, Collar with Pet Tag and Sturdy, Blue zippered Tote to carry your favorite Perfect Petzzz
  • PERFECT FOR THOSE ALLERGIC TO ANIMALS - Those who are allergic often long for a pet and this would be a perfect substitute!  The Husky is cute, has soft synthetic fur, and breathes so realistically!
  • IDEAL COMPANIONSHIP - for adults and children alike!
  • SOOTHING PET for a home bound family member.  The rhythmic breathing of the dog and its cuteness gives one a calm feeling.
  • WELL MADE TOTE is perfect to "tote" your pretend pet around when you or your child are on the go!