Resonance Relaxer Chair - Vibroacoustic Therapy

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A simple relaxing seat that resonates with sound!
The resonance relaxer works on the principle of vibroacoustic therapy. The therapy has been demonstrated to provide positive healing effects for an extensive range of mental and physical health disorders.
Making use of sound to produce vibrations that flow directly to the body, the therapy offers a non-invasive and energy based approach to health. The therapeutic vibrations can help the body to relax and heal more quickly.
Product Features and Specifications
Perfect for adults suffering from sensory processing disorders such as autism and ADHD, the gentle resonating movement of the relaxer is designed to help them get the stimulation they need to keep them calm.
         Vibration can be extremely calming and soothing for individuals with sensory processing disorders such as autism or ADHD.
         The size of the relaxer is suitable for adults.
         Gentle vibrations encourage relaxation and work well to calm down an over-stimulated individual.
         Relaxing and comfortable, the popular reclining shape of the comforter distributes the body weight evenly.  

Requires a Resonance Amp 9RSX, better with some Speakers 9SPKR.

Fitted with a safety cut out, this is designed to operate and stop the unit from overheating.  Resonance items work best with music that has a good bass to it rather than relaxation music, try our Resonance CD 9RSCD

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 165 x 76cm