Resonance Cushion

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This Pillow packs a powerful punch, use it in combination with any other resonance item for a stereo experience. Have you ever been moved by a piece of music? Of course, you have. Music has the power to influence our emotions and our movements. Music may be more powerful still with the ability to affect our health, our spirit, even the growth of our brains. Typically we think of music as being good therapy with the addition benefit of being able to feel the music through your body this can only help to enhance the experience.


Requires a Resonance Amp 9RSX, better with some Speakers 9SPKR.

Fitted with a safety cut out, this is designed to operate and stop the unit from overheating.  Resonance items work best with music that has a good bass to it rather than relaxation music, try our Resonance CD 9RSCD

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 46 x 33 x 10cm