Resonance Beanbag

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         Helps to develop Learning Skills including: auditory skills
         Particularly suitable for special needs such as: autism, aspergers
As well as providing a feeling of comfort, musical resonance can help to increase awareness of various parts of the body. Users can lie their whole body on the beanbag or experiment with their arms, hands, legs and feet to discover how the music makes them feel through physical sensation.
As a non-verbal form of communication, music can play a vital role in both therapy and play. It is accessible to everyone and even people with hearing impairments can benefit from the physical vibrations created by resonance.
The Resonance Beanbag from TFH is perfect for introducing little ones to the concept of resonance – its soft exterior moulds around the user to form a comfortable ‘nest’ where they can lie back and enjoy the feeling of the rhythm deep in their body.
Ideal for a range of uses including calming anxious children, as well as people with a range of autism spectrum disorders, or stimulating the sense of touch to encourage children to explore their own bodies.

Requires a Resonance Amp 9RSX, better with some Speakers 9SPKR.

Fitted with a safety cut out, this is designed to operate and stop the unit from overheating.  Resonance items work best with music that has a good bass to it rather than relaxation music, try our Resonance CD 9RSCD

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 8 cubic feet