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Multi-Sensory Environments F.A.Q.

What is a Multi-Sensory Environment?

Our senses are important, they tell us about our surroundings and they influence our reactions, in time they mould our personality, and "in a sense" they are what we are.

We, therefore, seek to control the things that stimulate our senses. Multi-Sensory equipment gives that control.

This is why Multi-Sensory environments are known to produce a wide range of positive results in special populations who often depend on others.

Installing a Multi-Sensory Environment will affect staff as well as clients. TFH believe that every staff member can be quickly trained to use the Multi-Sensory Environment safely and that potential benefits depend upon the space becoming part of the life of the facility.

How does a Multi-Sensory Environment work?

The root philosophy is that everyone is affected by their environment. Try lighting a candle with your next evening meal.

This simple idea was developed in Holland where pioneers successfully used music, aroma and coloured lights to improve the behaviour of challenging patients in their padded cells.

They called this work "Snoezelen", which is often translated as Sniff and Doze, implying that the rooms are places of inactivity. TFH believe that a more accurate translation of Snoezelen is "dreamily following your nose", or failure-free activity.

Who uses a Multi-Sensory Environment?

A Multi-Sensory Environment is a toolkit. Beyond a basic requirement of care, the methods often require supervisors to un-learn more than they learn, a challenging and exciting prospect.

TFH have installed over 3,000 Multi Sensory Environments, providing safe and stimulating spaces to special populations in a variety of settings including: the Home, Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Developmental Centers, Mental Health Facilities, Autism Programs, Early Childhood Programs, Day Treatment Programs (for both children and adults), Group Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospices, and others.

Where can I see a Multi-Sensory Environment?

Call TFH using the contact information provided below for the telephone numbers of Multi Sensory Environments in your area.

Some Multi Sensory Environments schedule visits, others will conduct sessions in response to a call. Multi Sensory Environments that do not admit the public may also be pleased to share their experiences over the telephone.

TFH have installed Multi-Sensory Environments throughout Britain, France, and America, and we can also put you in touch with our partners in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

How much is a Multi-Sensory Environment?

While our installation team has experience with flagship national projects, our Vecta Mobile Sensory Cart is priced for domestic use.

TFH consultation and design will help you get the most from your budget and space, but please get us involved as early as possible, we can pass on valuable advice to architects, builders, and especially electricians.

A TFH Multi Sensory installation typically takes less than a week, and sometimes we can be in and out in a couple of days.

Get in touch with us, we can help you get started on your Multi-Sensory Environment today!

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