Funny Face Frame Magnifying Glass

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Our Funny Face Frame has a strong flexible magnifying glass that zooms in things, improving visual stimulation. Put the Funny Face Frame on anything and you will see it zoom in, for best results put it up to the face and see how funny it makes you look. What's best is that Funny Face Frame come in a set of two so now you can encourage social interactivity and play with others.

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  • Dimensions: 17 x 23cm

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Pauline W.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 20/04/23
Feature Highlighted
I have inadvertantly bought a sheet of magnifying plastic in a frame. It is sold as a 'funny face frame' for special needs children but the description implies it is a distorting mirror that the child can look into to see their own face ..rather like the hall of mirrors in a fairground..and that would have been an amusing toy. Also It is extremely overpriced and has no play value at all. Absolute rubbish and a waste of money.


11 months ago by Peter
I don't think there is any suggestion that this is a mirror. It IS a pair of sheets of magnifying plastic sold singly as a reading aid by the 1,000's in the "correct" market. I believe that there is play value. I accept that they are "overpriced" because we don't get a discount when we buy the tiny quantity we sell. We sell about 40 a year. Some of those might have disappointed, every pair of them could have been found cheaper elsewhere, but would they have been? If TFH didn't sell them at above market price would 100 children have been cheaply and beautifully amused by a pair of text magnifiers? Part of the service that TFH provide is to suggest text magnifiers as face distorters, we do it profitably and take the criticism.
Sarah C.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 02/06/14
It was good