Dog Tag Chew Toy

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An Attractive Silicone Chewable Wearable Dog tags – A great chew for mild Chewers! These cool and tough looking dog tags double as a tough chewy. Suspended from a chain necklace, they are similar to real dog tags but allow kids to chew and fidget. They feature tactile designs in age appropriate colors and they stand out just enough to be hip. Kids who love to chew will absolutely love the chewy dog tag. Designed for kids who exhibit overly aggressive behaviour chew fidgets like dog tags can help calm them down while at the same time helping them strengthen their jaw muscles. Product Features and Specifications Dog tags – An exciting way to make your kid look stylish while at the same time serving their functional need to chew! The dog tag is a very effective oral motor fidget that helps your kids strengthen their jaw muscle strengthening and improve their chewing skills. If your kid loves to nibble, chew fidgets such as Dog tags offer a good option!          Chew on the move with this stylish chew toy; it is a great tool for your autistic kid’s oral sensory needs.          It is very resilient and stretchable, therefore making the material a perfect tool for chewing needs.          The product has been made in USA.          The stylish chew fidget offers an excellent chewable fidget for kids who need more sensory input.          It is easy to take care for by washing the fidget with mild soap and water.          Ideal for kids aged 3+; the sensory fidget will help you achieve great results with your kid’s sensory development by offering them with comforting sensory stimulation.

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  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 0.6cm