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Out of this resilient, plastic sphere, a symphony of three-dimensional squeaks comes to life. This tactile and auditory wonder will provide endless fascination and amusement for kids of all ages, making it the perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor playtime.

This plastic ball also offers numerous benefits for special needs children:

Sensory Stimulation: The variety of tactile and auditory sensations produced by the squeaks can help stimulate a special needs child's sensory system. It offers opportunities for sensory exploration and can be especially beneficial for children with sensory processing disorders or autism.

  1. Engagement and Attention: The engaging squeaks and sounds can capture a child's attention, promoting focus and engagement. This can be valuable for children with attention-related challenges.

  2. Communication Development: The ball's unique sounds can be used as a tool to encourage non-verbal communication. Special needs children, particularly those with communication difficulties, may find the ball's sounds a fun and expressive way to interact with others.

  3. Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Playing with the ball involves activities like gripping, squeezing, and bouncing, which can help enhance fine motor skills. Additionally, chasing or rolling the ball can encourage gross motor skills, aiding physical development.

Product Specification: 

Large: 14cm Diameter

Small: 10cm Diameter 

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 14cm dia

2 Reviews

Donna C.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 03/12/14
My son loved it. So I would recommend to friends and family.
S H.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 22/12/13
Feature Highlighted
I was disappointed that this product was not as wiggly and giggly as expected! Had to make a bit of an effort to get the ball to make a noise. Also the packaging the box came in was inappropriate (the box had a picture of a baby on it with the words suitable for 6 months and over on it) Bearing in mind this product is bought from a special needs catalogue which caters for children/adults with special needs I feel that parents/carers do not need to be reminded by the packaging that the product is aimed at a 6 month old baby when buying for somebody whose actual age may be a lot older! Parents/carers are well aware that a product may be aimed at somebody with a younger age than the actual age of the person they are buying for. Maybe Special Needs Toys needs to look at the appropriateness of the packaging. This was bought as a gift for an adult who enjoys this type of sensory toy and had to be removed from the packaging before being given so as not to upset their parents.