Kids Hammock Moki Dolphy Max - Drop Ship Item



The Moki Hammock is destined to be your favorite retreat! It is your ticket to a world full of dreams, adventure, comfort and warmth, a perfect place to play, swing or relax – just as you like! Not just for kids—this XXL size Moki is big enough for the whole family to enjoy! Made of extra-soft organic cotton, it’s easy to install and includes safety tested suspension—everything you need to start relaxing! The Moki Max Hammock can also be used in therapy. Developed in cooperation with occupational therapists for movement training; thanks to the paded selvedges the patented suspension and the special shape, the Moki is stable and suitable for children. Weight limit: 355 lb. Standard Suspension Option: When a hammock has the shape of a banana, it hangs perfectly. Note that the angles of the strings should be the same on both sides. Suspenison Option for Movement Training: For movement training, the hammock should be hung up like a narrow "U." A suspension with about 50 cm distance is recommended between the two suspension points, so that all exercises can be carried out. Required space: The distance necessary between the two suspension points can be determined by a simple rule of thumb: The suspension height (y) should be approximately one half of the suspension distance (x). If the distance between the suspension points is greater, the hammock must be mounted somewhat higher. Fixation: Hammock between two trees. Depending on the size of your hammock, the trees must be at least 3 meters apart and strong enough to bear the weight. In order to mount the hammock between two trees, a rope is looped around the tree trunk and attached to the hammock. Hammock between two walls: Weight bearing and solid walls are suitable for mounting hammocks. The MultiSpot is especially simple and safe, distributing the weight over four drilled holes. Reclining position: When you lay in the hammock diagonally, your body expands the surface area so the fabric does not constrict. In the diagonal position, there is optimal support of the back and pressure is removed from the spine. This position also makes rocking more pleasant. Machine-washable: This hammock can be machine-washed: delicate cycle 86 °F! Do not tumble dry: In order to preserve your product, line dry. Do not machine dry. Material description: 100% cotton (organic) | filling: 70% polyurethane, 30% polyester.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: Fabric width: 5 ft 3 in Cloth length: 11 ft 6 in Total length: 11 ft 6 in Required minimum distance: 11 ft 10 in
  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years