Textured Stretchy Fidget Noodles - LIMITED SUPPLY

Our Ref #: 7TSFN




People of all ages have been enjoying Stretchy Strings in various ways for a long time. You can stretch and pull them to over 7 feet without them breaking!

You can twirl them in the air or tie them into a squeeze ball or braid them all together for a really huge and fun string! Each box contains 6 different noodle textures for a much more enhanced sensory experience. Check out our “Bumpy”, “Spiky”, “Ridges”, “Liner”, and of course our classic “Smooth”. Every noodle has ball endings for a greater grip as you pull and stretch for loads of fun!

These extra stimuli are especially beneficial for those with Autism, ADD, and Anxiety!

Comes in a set of 6

100% latex free, BPA free, and fully hypoallergenic.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 11" x W: .5"
  • Warning: Choking Hazard (1) Not for under 3 years, Use with adult supervision.