Sensory Tray


Designed to produce simultaneous tactile, auditory and visual effects. Place water, sand or other sensory materials inside the tray. Turn the tray device on and watch the materials shake, sift and glide about! The Sensory Tray is the perfect size for individual and small group play. There are two sides to this item: a circular sink on one side and a square tray on the opposite side. Use the circular sink for water activities. Use the square tray for dry material activities. Manipulate materials with the vibrating function. Cycle between the adjustable low to intense vibration modes. Sensory Tray material ideas: sand, styrofoam, shapes, beads, buttons, colored rice, gelatin and more! See below for great products to use with your Sensory Tray. The tray is water-safe and easy to clean. Tray comes with rechargeable batteries and an A/C adapter. Ages 3+


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 21.5" x W: 8"