Somatron Vibro Ball Pool


THIS ITEM IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE, WE ARE VERY SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Children feel the soothing music vibrations from head to toe as they immerse in the pool of 3" clear balls (Not included). 9VAPB. The experience is enhanced by a gentle changing colored light shining through the balls. The solid Somatron construction is heavily padded and covered in extremely durable reinforced vinyl. The removable floor pad is covered in “Staff Check” hospital grade vinyl that resists bacteria. Connect to any stereo rated 20 to 200 total watts of power. (Stereo not included.) Outstanding Features Vibrotactile stimulation from active vibrating balls Ever changing colored light throughout the balls Removable Floor Pad, covered in “STAPH CHEK” Hospital Grade Fluidproof Non-Allergenic Bacteria Resistant Antistatic Fire Resistant Easy Maintenance Stain/Tear Resistant Economical Self-deodorizing Comfortable bacteria resistant vinyl Useful For Positioning Stimulation Entertainment


Currently not available for order.
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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 57" x 57" x 26.5"