Sensory Shelf Kit



Have a compact but powerful sensory kit for your sensory space. The items in this kit allow you to control the tempo of your sensory space to meet the needs of the individuals you serve.

Our kit includes...

  • SNAP Projector & 3 SNAP Wheels - Our SNAP Projector features speed and directional control. You can even stop the rotation of the wheel to strengthen focus and attention. 
  • Skylite Laser Galaxy Projector - Sky Lite shines a universe of moving laser stars against a drifting blue nebula cloud. It's your own personal galaxy! 
  • Stereo - Bluetooth/CD/Radio - Musical tempos can affect a person's mood and change the trajectory of their attitude. 
  • Wooden Shelf - Strong shelf that keeps everything in one place and far away from users. 36" wide. 

Product substitution may occur due to product availability.