Vecta Full Mobile Sensory Station


The Vecta Full Mobile Sensory Station is ideal where space is at a premium.  It turns any room into a relaxing, distracting and empowering Multi Sensory Room. Its minimal footprint makes this perfect for classrooms, bedrooms, living areas, and medical facilities.  Appropriate for all ages and abilities.  All our equipment is LED and designed for ease of use and maintenance. 

The Vecta Cart is made of strong marine MDF material with a hospital-grade power strip which all the equipment plugs into and a 12' cord for use in a standard outlet.  Three nonbreakable acrylic mirrors surround the 4' Active Bubble Tube for the illusion of multiple tubes. The two side wing mirrors are hinged and can be adjusted for one's particular preferences up to 180 degrees. These wings can be closed and locked for easy transport and storage.  The cart also includes a locked storage cabinet in the rear and four smooth caster wheels to easily move the Vecta. These wheels have locks to securely set in place when in use. 

The TFH Active Bubble Tube has a continuous flow of calming bubbles and smooth transitions between vibrant colors. The TFH Bubble Tube base is the only one on the market that allows speed control of the bubbles rising in the Bubble Tube. This allows the facilitator to vary the sensory sessions for calming or arousal depending on the individual they are working with.  Insert the Ball Switch (included) into the jack on the Bubble Tube base and squeeze the ball to turn off the bubbles and release to start the flow again. The Active Bubble Tube is compatible with any of our Color Controllers.  

The SNAP Projector is LED so no bulbs to purchase and comes complete with a Wheel Rotator included!  No extra accessories to purchase.  It is a powerful projector for use in lit or dark rooms to display the vibrant images of our magnetic SNAP Wheels, magnetic 6" Effect Wheels or the standard 6" Effect Wheels. The SNAP Wheels attach to the SNAP Adapter with a magnet so changing wheels is quick and easy. By removing the SNAP Adapter, 6" Effect Wheels can easily slide onto the Wheel Rotator. Choose abstract wheels for calming and detailed picture wheels for stimulating. Our Wheel Rotator has adjustable speed as well as forward and backward rotation options to customize each sensory session. 

100 Fiber Optic Tails flow in a brilliant display from the front of the Vecta Cart. The 2M (79") all plastic Fiber Optic Tails cycle through a beautiful array of colors and a sparkle effect creating a visual focal point.  Our LED Sparkle Light Source is attached securely inside the rear cabinet.  Perfectly safe to handle, the tactile aspect of Fiber Optic Tails evokes calming and is perfect for fine motor development.  These tails also have some weight which provide just the right amount of pressure for soothing. 

The Aromatherapy Diffuser is sturdy, fan driven and has adjustable speeds.  One 3 ml bottle of essential oil is included along with one filter.  Additional oils can be purchased separately.  

Stereo: The cart also includes an integral MP3 compatible stereo. You can use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to play favorite music, pop in a CD (1 is included) or tune into a favorite radio station to set the mood of the sensory session. The controls for the stereo are on the back and two speakers project music from the front of the Vecta cart.

Ships fully assembled.  Set up and maintenance instructions are included.  Usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes to populate the cart and you are ready to go.  Use distilled water only in the Bubble Tube.  

Modifications are available.  Please contact us for more information.  800-467-6222. 

The Vecta Full includes: 

Cart with Cabinet & Acrylic Mirrors, MP3 Compatible Stereo and Locking Caster Wheels
Active Bubble Tube (4') 
Ball Switch
SNAP Projector with Liquid Wheel (9NLQW) and Pets SNAP Wheel
100 Tail Fiber Optics - (79") long
Aromatherapy Diffuser
Bubble Tube Cleaner
Music CD
Start Up Bubble Tube Additive

Vecta User Guide

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: H: 60" x W: 24" x D: 27"; Wt. 240 lb.
  • Power: Mains Operated
  • Warning: Adult Supervision Required
  • Additional Shipping Information: Truck Shipment. Shipping includes Liftgate Service. Contact us if you do not need this.