Musical Squares Wall Pad/Color Controller Pad



Versatile Controller for Musical Squares or your Bubble or Hurricane Tube or Fiber Optic sensory equipment.

With Musical Squares you can mount this on a wall underneath the Musical Square Wall Box and free up floor space in a smaller sensory room. Each color square corresponds to the similar one on the wall box to produce a light and a variety of sounds (8 total sound levels).

With your TFH Bubble/Hurricane Tubes or Fiber Optic products you can control your environment by choosing from one of the 8 color squares. Choose your favorite color or ask a friend what their favorite color is. Use your imagination to come up with an infinite amount of uses for this sturdy pad. 

Incorporate gross motor, cross the center line and color recognition skills into your day with this sturdy, wipe-clean pad. 

Designed to mount on the wall or lay on the floor for easy manipulation.

  • Vinyl covered foam controller pad (8 color options)
  • Cable to connect to Musical Squares, Tubes and Fiber Optic Light Sources.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: H: 24" x L: 36" x D: 3"; 7 lb.