Switch Modifier - LIMITED SUPPLY



This ingenious box turns any momentary switch into a latch or timed switch.  There is an intention adjustment which requires the user to hold the switch for a specific amount of time (1-15 seconds) before the device is triggered.  Great for those with uncontrolled movements or tremors.  Once the intention time is set, choose momentary, latch or timed modes.  In the momentary mode, your toy or device will stay on as long as you maintain pressure on the switch.  In the latch mode, your device will turn on when the switch is pressed once and will turn off when the switch is pressed again.  In timed mode, your toy or device will stay on for a preset amount of time (1-120 seconds). 


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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: L: 4.5" x W: 2.5" x H: 1"
  • Power: Requires 1 x 9-V Battery