Large Ultra Slim Light Panel 70CM

Our Ref #: 7USLPL
£199.00 (exc. VAT)
  - Power source – transformer - Dimensions – 70cm diameter - Protective cover slip included - Tough, durable construction - Portable Lightboxes provide an excellent source of visual stimulation which, when combined with other elements, can support the development of fine motor skills and cognitive development. Either with support or independently, users can arrange a wide variety of translucent shapes and objects into an endless number of patterns and colourways thanks to the soft background light. Using shapes on the Ultra Slim Light Panel encourages hand-eye coordination and allows users to experiment with shape and colour - providing visual stimulation. According to the Sensory Stimulation Theory of Learning, visual stimulation is the most important when it comes to effective learning - approximately 75% of all knowledge held by adults is a result of ‘seeing’. Operated by a transformer connected to the main power supply, the Ultra Slim Light Panel’s sturdy construction and protective slipcover mean it can be used again and again – making it a firm favourite with both organisations and individuals. The 70cm diameter backlit area provides a large enough surface for even the most creative users, whilst the protective coverslip means the panel can be safely stored when not in use. Perfect for a range of activities, including shape arranging which can help to support fine motor skills, the Ultra Slim Light Panel provides the ideal backdrop for our colourful translucent Rainbow Splats and Rainbow Shapes. (accessories not included)

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 70cms diameter
  • Power: 12v Power Supply included