Grab n Go Visual Sensory Kit



£499.00 (exc. VAT)

A bag bursting with stimulating stuff. Bag, Fantastik, 1 Pair Light Up Maracca, Colour Change Egg, Visual Rainmaker, Glitter Tube, 2 x Mushroom Kaleidoscope, 6 x Watersnakes, 1 x Disco Ball, Diffraction Roly Poly Drum, Rotating Disc Puzzle, Fascination Tube, set 3 Shaped Mirror, Zig Zag, Kaleidoscope, UV Stars, Laughing Dog, Blow bubbles, Mini Fish tank, Wacky Ball, Mini-mOcean, 2 x Glow Balloons, Penguin Helter Skelter, Infinity Spinning Top, Cogwheels, Mini Spinning Top and Colour Mixing Glasses. Contents may vary.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: Storage Bag Included