Spinning Chair


A Sensory Integration breakthrough. Securely supported in the high backed chair the user can still create controlled rotation by moving their head. Almost impossible to describe, this movement is intuitive and once mastered the user can generate very intense rotational sensory stimulation - bio-feedback. Such self generated vestibular stimulation is recommended by the Sensory Integration network. Harness and Liner sold separately.

VAT relief available on this product.

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2 Reviews

Elizabeth W.Verified Buyer.
I was a bit dubious before I ordered it as it's expensive purchase and I wasn't sure if my son would like it. I bought the teenage size. As soon as I strapped him in it and spun him a few times myself he got excited. Relief came to mind. He is quite a fidget and he can make it move himself quite easily. He goes on it almost every day
Brandon E.Verified Buyer.
Spins very freely and seems very stable in use. My son has a swing with exactly the same seat, so he was quite thrown when the seat spun instead! The seat is on a slight tilt, so as it spins he is tilted forward and I think he was worried he would fall out of it. He has had this for a few days so far, I'm just giving him space to get used to it in his own time and way. My son loves office swivel chairs, so I am hoping he will grow to enjoy this in time. I don't feel able to give the product 5 stars as I don't understand why it is so expensive to buy.