Orange Circle - Vinyl Pillow

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The Senseez Pillow are lightweight, fun-shaped vinyl pillows provide gentle vibration when they are squeezed or sat on, providing a therapeutic response to overstimulation and a welcome source of sensory input. The comfortable size of these pillows makes them perfect for use as a booster seat or at school, home or during travel. Designed for hugging, sitting, and squeezing.

Ideas for Use

A Senseez Pillow is an appropriate source of sensory stimulation for those who can’t sit still during meals, school, story time, car rides, shopping trips, movies and more. The vibration is also calming for those who have trouble falling asleep. 

  • Vinyl exterior is easy to clean
  • For anyone with sensory processing disorder, autism, ADD and ADHD

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 24cm dia x 7cm deep
  • Warning: Age 3+