Big Peg Board - Fidgit Sensory Toy


Big Peg Board is great for people who need to develop their fine motor skills and make their fingers stronger and also improve grip due to the cylinders being big enough to grip.  It comes with a plastic board and 25 different coloured pegs, red, yellow, blue, green and white (5 each) and there are slots in the plastic board that enable you to put the coloured pegs into the board. The great thing about Big Peg Board is that you have plenty of different pegs that you can make different patterns with.


£14.25 (exc. VAT)

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 27cm x 27cm

5 Reviews

Janette R.Verified Buyer.
My 3yr old niece who is being tested for Autism loves this peg board and keeps her occupied for ages, thankyou
Caroline R.Verified Buyer.
Very good and children love it Good quality too
Rachel P.Verified Buyer.
Excellent product thank you
Tina T.Verified Buyer.
My child loves them ....thanks so much....was wishing the popping things would have came too Though...
Zoe C.Verified Buyer.
Great but the pegs easily come out if the board is knocked. Still a great peg board though and lots of learning opportunities too.