TFH Review Reward Scheme

We will pay for every review you write (good or bad).

Each RP is worth 1p on our site – you can see what you have on your account page and use your RP at checkout. We will reward you more for useful reviews, and reward you most for reviews that can be categorised.

Basic 25 RP
What you think of the product
Feature +25 RP
Highlight a feature of the product that makes it interesting
Benefit +150 RP
Describe how you make use of the product
Star review +500 RP
We love hearing success stories, we know that sometimes a particular toy can make a big difference, if you want to tell us, we want to reward you.
Categorised X2 RP
Describes the Condition of the user.

TFH Experience Library

People often ask us which toys they should buy for their child based on their condition; we thought the best way to answer that question was to try to gather some data.

By categorising your review, you will help us build a history of successful (or unsuccessful) purchases of toys for particular conditions.

While your review is individually anonymous your experience will be helpful for others with similar conditions when they are looking for toys.