Graduated Squeezums Fine Motor Skills Toy


    Materials: wood, foam     Particularly suitable for special needs such as: Autism, Dsypraxia, developmental delays              Helps to develop Learning Skills including: fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination The ‘sense’ of proprioception, or ‘body awareness’ is what we use to gauge how much force is needed to carry out a specific action. Children with sensory processing disorders may find it more difficult to establish how much pressure is needed in a range of fine motor tasks such as handwriting – too little pressure and the pen won’t make a mark, too much and they’re in danger of ripping the paper. This colourful puzzle provides proprioceptive input by helping to increase the player’s awareness of how much pressure is needed to fit each piece into the corresponding coloured slot.  The Graduated Squeezums from TFH are a fun way to introduce the concepts of force without frustrating players. They can’t get it ‘wrong’ because each piece will fit into any of the slots, but in order to complete the task 100% accurately, attention must be paid to the amount of force applied. This action helps to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination, as well as helping the player to control the level of pressure used. The USA based Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation’s website contains a wealth of information about sensory processing disorders. Find out more by visiting


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  • Dimensions: 46cm