Flashing Orbit Ball


Bounce Flashing Orbit Ball and you will have flashes of vibrant colours go off for 12 seconds. This very visually stimulating toy is perfect for those that need a little bit more visual sensory input. Flashing Orbit Ball is also perfect for a throw and catch game which will enhance social skills when playing with others. The user will also be able to develop motor skills as they are reaching and throwing the ball so arm strength and control will become stronger. The quirky shape of Flashing Orbit Ball will fascinate you and you will never want to put it down. 


£4.99 (exc. VAT)

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 7cm dia

9 Reviews

Paula R.Verified Buyer.
Rather smaller than I expected.
Judith W.Verified Buyer.
Very pleased with the item and the lights were just as advertised. The real test will come when my grandson receives this present on Christmas day! Delivery was good and speedy. Thank you
Marion O.Verified Buyer.
Arrived quickly, very pleased
Sarah H.Verified Buyer.
Great sensory toy - soft and rubbery which doesn't hurt if it makes unexpected contact, grippy texture, and the design means there's lots of bit to grab onto. Lights up when tapped, flashes for a short period, visible in daylight, but fantastic in the dark,and looks great when the light isn't on too. Good size for rolling, throwing and catching. The gaps in the design make it easy to tie a piece of elastic on so that it can be dangled, bounced and spun around. My little one loves it, and so do I!
Sue M.Verified Buyer.
Debbie R.Verified Buyer.
This is for a Christmas present. Right size for little hands and nice bright lights.
Carol R.Verified Buyer.
It looked fine. However it was a gift and thus I am unable to comment on how it was received.
Susanne W.Verified Buyer.
Really like it. Bought two, one is on my desk use it as a "think tank" or to avoid tedious tasks. Hope the batteries will last long.
Claire W.Verified Buyer.
We first discovered these at our rhythm time class and my little boy LOVED them! So I bought a couple for him for Christmas and cant wait to see his face when he opens them :-)