Splodge Box Complete Tactile Toy Set


Save when you fill your Splodge Box with these goodies. Splodge Box, 'Viperating' Snake, 3 Piece Hand Percussion Set, Bondina Bells, Small Bumpy Ball, Fascination Tube, Koosh Ball, Leybourne Mirror, Magnifying Glass, Massage Roll, Flashing Orbit Ball, Snake Skin, Space Blanket, Spring-a-Ling, Squistle, Tactile Box, Texture Tangle, Tactillos, Vibrating Pillow with knobs, Touch Ring Rattle Rainbow, Glitter Tube, Discovery Blocks, Frog in a box, Vibrating hairbrush, Atom massager, Threading Bead Kit, Stro-boing and Squisher. Contents may vary.


£825.00 (exc. VAT)

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