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VoiSec is a litte portable device that you can take around with you and you can use it for storing and playing short spoken messages.
Not only that but you can attach it to other objects if you wished. With a soft touch VoiSec will record and then you will be able to play it back.

It stores up to 1 minute of speech with a good quality of sound. 

4cm Dia.

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Teresa R.Verified Buyer.
Reviewed on 09/08/15
This little device is easy to hold and the sound quality is excellent. I think it could be used as a good encouragement prompter and confidence builder to the user. The only one issue I found is that when the rubber cover is in place, my son did not have the strength to squeeze sufficiently to activate the playback. It appears to be safe enough without it although I would seek confirmation of this prior to purchase.