Memory Card Game For Older People


As people age it can be quite common to find that they retain the ability to recall events that took place a long time ago, but struggle to remember what they did just a few hours earlier that day. These cards are designed to help trigger memories of days gone by to help older people remember how they felt before the ageing process began. Using iconic advertising imagery including the ‘Bisto kids’ the cards act as visually stimulating triggers which can remind them of sometimes happier times, when they were independent. This type of aid can be particularly beneficial for people with degenerative conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers. The following links can direct you to valuable information about all of these conditions, as well as providing general information about sources of support for older people and their carers:


£12.95 (exc. VAT)

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1 Review

Elaine W.Verified Buyer.
Excellent for dementia residents.Reminiscence provoking photos.Can play matching pairs with cards. Residents like to stack them and line them up.Perfect size for holding in hand. Cards can withstand being cleaned over with a wet wipe.This is the second set bought from yourselves.Well worth the purchase price.