Roll-Up Piano - Musical Instrument Special Needs Toy


This musical instrument isn’t like any other musical instrument. This brilliant design of this Roll-Up Piano means that you can now take it with you on the go. Roll-Up Piano is small and portable and even though it rolls up you can play it. The notes of each key will provide the user with auditory sensory input. This musical instrument will help develop fine motor skills by strengthening up those fingers as you play different notes enabling you to gain more control over your hand. Creating songs just got even more fun. It has a built in speaker that is ampllified. The tone is what you would expect from a 2" speaker housed in plastic casing. There is a 3.5mm jack output for headphones. There are 128 different tones.


£35.25 (exc. VAT)

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 79 x 23 x 3cms
  • Power: AC Adaptor or 4xAA batteries