Weighty Snakey


A brightly colored, tactile length snake with no teeth! Especially designed for anyone who needs help focusing, weighted toys such as Weighty Snaky provide steady pressure and are ideal for children with sensory processing issues. Product Features and Specifications Give your child a comfortable hug-like pressure with a Weighty Snaky and help them cope with stress and sensory overload, avoid meltdown, and improve concentration. For children who find dealing with change, busy environments or contact with other people highly stressful, applying pressure to the upper body may be very calming, increasing body awareness, and improving focus and attention. ???????? Ideal for children with autism as well as those with sensory processing disorders or ADHD, weighted toys such as Weighty Snaky are designed especially to provide soothing sensory input as the weight serves as a sensory organizer and a reassuring hug. ???????? The unique combination of cotton and polyester is smooth to the touch for children who otherwise may be sensory defensive. ???????? The toy is available in four different colors, red, blue, green and yellow. ???????? It is a long, flexible tube of evenly distributed weight which is approximately 6 pounds. ???????? Weighted products can be a great sensory tool during circle time, naptime, before, during or after transitions. ???????? Choosing the appropriate weight is key as the weight provides increased pressure and stimulates proprioceptive input and stability, helping to organize the user?s sensory system. Available in vibrant colors, the sensory toy is an amazing tool to help your kid improve their sensory processing skills and improve their learning.

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 3kg, 130cm

5 Reviews

Dana S.Verified Buyer.
Great product . A bit too heavy .. but helps my kid to be concentrated for longer . I am sure with time it will improve even more .
Irene H.Verified Buyer.
Children are loving it
Emma H.Verified Buyer.
Absolutely fantastic. Well made. Great quality. My son loves it
Kathy D.Verified Buyer.
It's petfect for my granddaughter.
Ametrine ruth L.Verified Buyer.
This weighted deep pressure product is strongly made and great to use. I bought it specifically for when my weighted blanket is too hot or inconvenient to use, and I love it as a sensory calming aid. I first used one in the sensory room at Autscape www.autscape.org and have bought one for myself as soon as I could afford it.