Resonance Rocker


Looking for a way to help your child with weak sensory processing skills focus better during learning sessions? Look no further. The uniquely shaped seat is designed especially to provide your child a comforting, calming and soothing feeling so they can concentrate better during learning sessions. Perfect for kids who like to rock, the special design of this set offers a cradle-like movement. Product Features and Specifications Give your child a comforting cradle like rocking with our resonance rocker ? a rocker with a beat! Perfect for those with sensory processing issues during learning sessions, especially for those who like to rock, the linear rocking movements of the seat and cradle-like support is designed to help them get the stimulation they need and improve their focus. Here is a list of some additional features of this soft and comforting rocking seat. ???????? The uniquely shaped set with vinyl covered firm foam cradles the body securely and rocks gently. ???????? By connecting it to a stereo (not included in the package), the rocker resonates for the person sitting in it. ???????? The TFH resonance range magnifies musical vibrations so they are felt more easily. ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?Gentle rocking movements encourage relaxation and work well to calm down an over stimulated individual. Requires a 50w stereo

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  • Dimensions: 165 x 76cm