Skoog is a colourful touch sensitive squeezebox that is capable of a variety of expressive sounds that will provide visual and auditory sensory input. It is an easy to play musical instrument that is suitable for everyone and will respond to your every movement whether you use the softest and hardest of touches. ?As sensitive as Skoog is, it is robust enough to resist strong handling. To get Skoog running all you have to do it install the software CD, plug Skoog into the computer via USB and you are free to go. Twist, pinch, roll, squish, twang, prod or punch to create music like never before.

810,00 €

675,00 € (exc. VAT)

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Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 18cm
  • Power: PC (Vista or 7) or Mac (10.4+) with 1GB RAM.