Festival Trolley Beach

OUR REF #: BB011

The Buddy Festival trolley is a lounge chair that carries stuff from your car.   It packs flat in your car and goes together easy.  Then it will carry 180kgs over bumpy ground, around tight corners, through crowds, through mud or sand. It is very light to lift over guyropes. Emptied it becomes a lounge chair. Use it to carry umbrellas and coats & other peoples chairs. Relax in it all day. Put up the canopy and make a (Waterproofish) base. Its the perfect festival trolley. Awesome wheels can cope with awful terrain. Wide wheel base prevents tipping. Balanced load bearing is easy on the arms Turns on a sixpence The best net is comfortable and strong A flexible network is built in suspension promotes optimal bungee placement And enables silent running for special ops Built on a cold steel framework that is both strong and gentle on unsuspecting ankles The steel is galvanized so won't rust and lacquered so it feels smooth. The whole thing weighs just 8kgs and folds flat in seconds

123,76 €

103,13 € (exc. VAT)

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