Visual Motor Integration Panel

Our Ref #: 6WVM


Visual-Motor, hand and finger activities, visual perception, are some of the foundation skills needed for independent living and independent play. Bi-manual and bi-lateral coordination activities are enhanced by using this wall panel in your everyday sensory integration plans.

We encourage you to slot, poke, push, trace, compare, and differentiate between the sizes and shapes presented in this three board wall panel set. There are so many in-hand manipulation activity options that can be used to boost fine motor and visual skills. Share how you integrate the Whole Hand, Tripod Finger activities to promote finger movement and exercise.

Panels are made of birch for long-lasting fun. Great in waiting areas, schools, and play areas. Play Values include Hand Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Social Interaction.

Veneer board - Manufactured using a series of veneer wood layers glued crossways. The core consists of glued solid timer ledges. The uppermost layer forms a high-quality genuine veneer wood.
Surface sealing - boards are sealed with carefully selected lacquers that are water-based and free of solvents. Environmentally compatible and non-fading.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 2"